an in-depth vision of your organisation

For entrili, the main conditions for the success of onboarding processes are a strong insight into the organisation, and acquiring the necessary skills.  That’s why entrili organises audits. They form the basis for fine-tuning the design of the integration process. Furthermore, we also offer an online solution that enables the digitalisation and automation of integration processes.

In addition, we also offer a theoretical basis for relevant topics. This enables us to support employees in performing to the best of their ability, and to help companies achieve maximum ROI. We aim to identify what needs to be achieved, and to also offer personalised consulting, which is why we base ourselves on 5 areas during these audits:

our approach

Quality – Safety – Productivity – Professional skills – Professional attitude

At some time at the start of a process, entrili will determine the skills that need to be acquired and will link them to the integration process. On the basis of this objective, we can determine where an employee should be during the various intermediate steps before, during and after the time of recruitment. This provides us with an objective view with regard to an employee’s skills. It helps us to be transparent and measurable when it comes to the expectations of organisations, and we can reduce the induction time of new employees.


Only when the perfect ‘click’ occurs between (future) employee and company, will the onboarding journey start for both parties, and the new employee can acquaint himself with the new working environment in the best possible manner. The continuous monitoring of the employee ensures quality.

We specialise in the roll-out of standard, automated selection processes. In this way, we ensure that the prospective employee perfectly ‘clicks’ with the new working environment. The continuous monitoring of the employee ensures quality.

We extend the training aspect throughout the entire process. Thanks to our online approach, we provide both parties with the ability to take on responsibility at their own pace.



Following guidance during the selection process of qualified staff, entrili then takes care of their training and coaching in the workplace. In this way, you increase the efficiency of your staff, and therefore also the ‘click’ between your company and your staff.

A Learning Management System tailor-made to your company. We create an employee experience that surprises staff through its efficiency. Our LMS enables digitalisation and automation of your integration processes. This enables us to support employees in performing to the best of their ability, and help companies to achieve the best possible ROI. A must for the ongoing learning process, whereby you can closely monitor your staff in their continuous learning progress.


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